Data Description and Evaluation

zipf’s Law Analysis

Patronage analysis of the existing Dunkin Donuts stores Cambridge Market Area

2014 Seoul International Workshop: Bio-Digital City Tomorrow’s Seoul Project

Team D-A: The Self-Sufficient City, Seoul

Team D-B: Seed Terminal, Urban Agriculture HQ in Seoul

For designing your research project

Source: google image


Concept Introduction and Interface Overview for NNA V2

Unit 2 Final Presentation

Public transit (Tram) network design and accessibility evaluation

Lecture at NYIT, Oct 2020

1. Urban Design Quality and Walkability

2. Spatial Network Analysis in Transportation Geography

3. Examples of Numeric Network Analysis using the NNA Toolbox

AxU Platform

All about urban spatial analytics and the Numeric Network Analysis (NNA) add-on for Rhino Grasshopper. (

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